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About the artist



César Meza   B.1988


He was born in the city of León, Mexico. César Meza began his education in fine arts at the University of Guanajuato, Mexico. When he soon discovered a great interest in the world and the human experiences through painting and drawing. It was at the same time that he developed as a conservation and restoration technician in a laboratory for more than eight years. A profession he practices since then alongside with his artistic development.


After his studies in fine arts, he decided to spend a few years teaching others developing their skills through workshops and classes in painting and drawing. In addition by nurturing his own language through painting and drawing from life. 


He has lived his professional life as a devout practitioner of aesthetics and craftsmanship within the classical art, constantly unfolding his understanding of life in this world by seeking a naturalistic representation of the figure in modern times, creating a narrative of expression unto work of greater skill and introspection. In search of poetry and a deeper voice is his determination to demonstrate the beauty and vulnerability of the subject providing him with inspiration.

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